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Acoustiguide, Inc. Launches Inaugural Audio Tours at United Nations

Nov 04 2009

(New York – Nov 4, 2009) Visitors to the United Nations now have an exciting new way to experience the historic building and institution, thanks to Acoustiguide‘s new audio tours on its handheld state-of-the art multimedia player, Opus.


The audio interpretation at the UN includes two engaging and accessible tours—one that caters to adults and the other to children ages 8 –10 years old—both 35-minutes in length and available in six languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, and French. An American Sign Language tour will also be offered in December on the Opus players, which have the ability to display images and play video on a large high-resolution screen. All audio tours will be delivered on Opus via a remote activator specially designed by Acoustiguide.


The audio tours will supplement the popular guide-led tours that will remain an integral part of the visitor experience at the UN. The addition of audio interpretation will, however, offer increased flexibility for visitors, as they can now choose to take either a guide-led tour or an audio tour. Visitors will also be able to take an audio tour in the General Assembly building on the weekends, when the guide-led tours are not offered. This multifaceted delivery of interpretation allows the accommodation of many more visitors at the landmark United Nations building, and reduces their waiting time for tours.


The audio tours bring together a multiplicity of voices to tell the stories of the UN’s history, mission and initiatives. Visitors are greeted by a recording of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and will hear archival footage of Nelson Mandela, Eleanor Roosevelt, and President Barack Obama, as well as interviews with UN personnel who are working on the ground, including peacekeepers, landmine specialists, and goodwill ambassadors.


Acoustiguide is also supplying technology for the guide-led tours. Guide-U, Acoustiguide’s group guiding system consists of a wireless RF transmitter used by the tour guide and lightweight receivers and headphones for each visitor. The system allows the guides to project their comments without sound bleed and in perfect synch making their voices heard clearly, without strain and without disturbing other visitors. Tour guides will also broadcast archival audio clips from audio players, making their delivery more entertaining and varied.


Together, Acoustiguide’s technologically advanced equipment and creative expertise are enhancing the interpretative offerings at the UN and allowing visitors to more fully understand the history and mission of this venerable institution and unique gathering place for the world.


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