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Acoustiguide's Opus brings handheld multimedia to museums, colleges, observatories and beyond

Jun 19 2009

NEW YORK, June 19, 2009 – Acoustiguide, Inc. today announced that, after just one year on the market, its Opus family of multimedia interpretive devices are changing the way American visitors experience a wide variety of public institutions.


First released by Acoustiguide in summer 2008, Opus is quite literally “the state of the art” in multimedia interpretive devices; a leap forward that incorporates the latest in audio and video technology to create a platform unlike anything previously available on the market.


Opus is a high-fidelity audio player, which when combined with its full-color screen and processing capability puts it on par with the most advanced Personal Digital Assistants. Opus offers another world of possibility: playback of video, still images, and animations in any combination, creating unlimited opportunities for interpretive content.


A wide range of major museums and cultural institutions have jumped at the chance to offer these exciting new experiences for their visitors.

Following its introduction in Europe and Australia, major American art museums like the Museum of Modern Art, the Jewish Museum and the Baltimore Museum of Art were also early adopters of the technology. Visitors to those institutions now enjoy a completely new way to experience art, with videos and images of artists at work, visual references to art history, and interviews with cutting-edge curators and experts.

In the coming months, Opus will also be rolling out at a diverse variety of other institutions.


For example, the Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Virginia, will become the first institution of higher learning to use Opus in Fall 2009. The Seminary will use the devices to highlight the history and architecture of the campus for current members and prospective students.


The Skywalk Observatory in Boston will also debut Opus later this year. Skywalk, located in the iconic Prudential Center, is Boston’s only major skyline observatory. Visitors there will soon be able to use Opus to locate specific locations across the city and view entertaining and informative multimedia stories about them, in much the same way that Sears Tower in Chicago has been using Opus for the past year.

The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco, opening in October, 2009, will use Opus to help foreign language speakers experience their ground-breaking exhibits about the life and work of entertainment legend Walt Disney.


And Clinton Presidential Library, a long-time client of Acoustiguide’s, will be converting their tour experience from audio-only units to Opus multimedia players this fall. The Library will then be able to complement their rich audio tour, which is narrated by the President, with images and videos from President Clinton’s tenure in office.

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