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Exploring “Ancient Egypt: World of Pharaohs and Gods” opens at the Jinsha Site Museum in Chengdu; Acoustiguide multimedia tours available onsite and online;

Jan 24 2017

This year again, the Jinsha Sun Festival has just opened in the Jinsha Site Museum. Following the Sun Festival in 2016: "The Eternal city ---- Splendor of Ancient Rome", this year the festival brings the theme exhibition of "Ancient Egypt: world of Pharaohs and Gods". The myths and the history of Ancient Egypt, and the mysterious and ancient Chengdu, have a beautiful encounter at the Jinsha Site Museum.

Ancient Egypt, one of the four ancient human civilizations of mankind with pyramid-builder Khufu; Pharaoh-curse-maker Tutankhamun; Passion-on-beauty-rather-than-power Ramses II, and Cleopatra VIII admired by Caesar and Anthony; all have had a huge rule over the ancient Egyptian Empire, one after another. One of the world's seven architectural wonders is the Pharaohs’ pyramid, and Sphinx, the magnificent imperial tombs and the Luxor Temple, the immortal mummies, the mysterious afterlife "Book of the Dead", the ancient hieroglyphics, the huge system, the vast ancient Egyptian mythology system, all fascinating and attracting so many people who wish to explore the world of the Pharaohs.

“Ancient Egypt: world of Pharaohs and Gods" Exhibition launches at the same time with the Sun Festival on January 23rd. The exhibition selected 155 sets of ancient Egyptian cultural relics originally housed at the Royal Ontario Museum of Canada. These include mummies, The Book of the Dead, Cleopatra VII statue, bronze statues and more. The exhibition consists of three parts: "Colorful life", "The immortal Pharaohs", and "the guardian of the gods". With a large mural included, a wealth of text and abundant of multimedia data portraying the ancient Egyptian life, the Pharaohs, military, funeral customs, religious beliefs and more, the exhibition set a wonderful display and detailed introduction giving the audience a true glimpse into "The world of Pharaohs and Gods."

The ancient Egyptian culture on the pne hand, and the ancient Shu (Chengdu) culture on the other, are two famous ancient civilizations separated indeed by a huge distance of time and space, however they seem to have a striking resemblance as they share the worship of the sun appeared in the “Golden Bird” – the ancient Egyptian temple of the sun in ancient Shu; Two gold-worshiping civilizations are reflected in the Tutankhamun’s gold mask, and ancient Shu-mysterious smile gold mask; numerous animal worship coincides as well with the spirit of ancient Egypt civilization.

With groups of colorful light lanterns, headlamps and decorated trees scattered over the wide, spacious park, the combination of the ancient Egyptian lamps, the ancient Shu civilization of lights as well as the Chinese New Year Lantern Festival creates a fantastic world of light and shadow which will lead the visitors on a fascinating expedition into the origins of human civilization.

Acoustiguide provides the audio guide service on iPads, handed at the entrance to the Museum (and/or downloaded here). The iPad automatically activates nearby artifacts and automatically obtain artifacts, text, sound and other details, giving a rich multimedia experience. Visitors can also choose commentary according own preferences; Self-selection, high-definition picture can zoom in or out to see the details of the heritage. This "Pocket Guide" will become your personal guide, to bring you imerssive experience, with your exploration of ancient Egypt, the world of Pharaohs and Gods. So…are you ready?

2017 Chengdu Sands Sun Festival Tips:
Date: 23 January 2017 - 12 February
Opening: 8: 00-22: 00
Address: No. 2 Jinsha Site Road, QingYangDistrict, Chengdu City,
Sichuan Province