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Espro Acoustiguide enters a strategic cooperation with IDEA Information Systems

Oct 16 2009

Espro Acoustiguide Group, the global provider of audio and multimedia content and interpretation systems, announced today that it has entered a strategic cooperation with the software provider IDEA Information Systems (IDEA).


The joint forces of Espro Acoustiguide and IDEA will enable a broader scale of management solutions, production and publishing channels for data, information and multilingual content specifically designed for museums, libraries, archives and heritage institutions.

IDEA is a software company that develops and sells integrated solutions for the collection management, preservation and display of heritage assets in archives, libraries, museums, cultural heritage institutions and research centers. IDEA’s mission has always been to provide cutting-edge technologies to these institutions enabling them to display information in a variety of languages. The company provides a full solution, covering all aspects of heritage assets management - from document capture and enhanced classification, to management and publishing of content.


IDEA is recognized as a leading provider to the heritage assets technology industry with a wide variety of clients worldwide, including NBC Universal and the Magnes Museum in USA, the Israel Museum and Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, with further clients in Europe.


IDEA is currently adding SaaS (Software as a Service) user-oriented package to its range of services. Through SaaS, IDEA offers a hosting service for the collection management software, reducing the need to purchase and maintain any hardware or IT infrastructure and resources. Instead, the client simply allows IDEA to host the collection on their servers, which the client can then access from anywhere in the world, via the internet.


The strategic partnership between the two companies gives them leverage to respond to current and future collection management challenges that institutions face, offering them a total solution for managing, displaying and publishing their collections.


Commenting on the partnership, Udi Arad, Chairman of IDEA stated: "The cooperation between IDEA and Espro-Acoustiguide will provide a substantial benefit to customers by providing them with a total, yet, modular solution to administer their multimedia contents and offer their users an innovative, state-of-the-art approach. The proposed concept of a single, consolidated, multimedia database serving customers via various publishing channels will in no doubt improve customers ROI".


Israel Gal, CEO of Espro Acoustiguide Group added: “The addition of IDEA’s innovative collection management solutions to Espro Acoustiguide’s content management and publishing channels is very significant for our Group in several ways. Our portfolio of software application services for museums and heritage sites is enhanced and these services can be expanded to more institutions. Additionally we see this as further step into the growing market for multimedia, multilingual and multi-resourced content & data management and publishing”.


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