Audioguide Leuchtenburg

Audioguide Leuchtenburg


Picturesque Leuchtenburg Castle, which looks down on the valley from a height of 1300 feet, is famous for its breathtaking views. It is Germany's most beautiful hilltop castle. Known as the "Queen of the Saale Valley", the castle is a prominent historical landmark. Now almost a thousand years old, the complex is unique both for its original features and the way it has developed. Its architectural history extends from the 12th to the 21st century.

Explore the history and allure of porcelain! Seven interactive Porcelain Worlds await at Leuchtenburg Castle. With an appeal to the senses, they whisk you away on a journey through time to experience the spellbinding history of porcelain. Discover the "white gold" from its beginnings in ancient China; join European scientists to solve the mystery of the porcelain recipe and discover how "china" became widespread throughout everyday life.

Take our Audioguide tours to explore our permanent exhibition on the history of the castle and the "Leuchtenburg Porcelain Worlds".


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